Clarifying Conflicts Constructively

through mediation and communication

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to court proceedings.  The parties resolve their conflicts or disputes themselves; out of court and in a confidential atmosphere according to fixed structures. This is because mediation is based on the assumption that

    • the parties involved know their situation better than any outsider,
    • are consequently in the best position to judge for themselves what solution suits their needs best,
    • but are unable to reach an agreement because they are trapped in their dispute.

An amicable solution requires a conversation. But usually, the parties no longer talk to each other. Therefore, the decisive step in clarifying and sustainably resolving conflicts is to get communication going again. Promoting this process is the task of the – neutral – mediator.

Why Mediation and not Litigation?

Mediation offers numerous advantages over court proceedings. It clarifies and resolves conflicts constructively. Because it is

    • strictly confidential and sustainable. Mediation protects business and other secrets. Agreements “last” longer. Their acceptance is higher.
    • optional. If mediation fails, the way to the courts still remains open.
    • less time-consuming, thus quick and efficient as the parties are in control of the procedure and its duration.
    • universal. It is open to conflicts of all kinds; even those that cannot be settled in court.
    • tailor-made. Solutions fit to the very specific needs of the parties.
    • inexpensive as it usually causes less costs. Invoicing is based on the hours spent. 
    • open to any outcome and future-oriented.
    • no value destroyer. It seeks to achieve the best solution for all parties involved („win-win“).

Relaxed Atmosphere

Room in Cologne
Mediation Room in Cologne
Clarifying Conflicts Constructively
View on the river Rhine

In successful mediations, the participants succeed in focusing on the substantive issues to be resolved, despite any personal animosities. The view of the dispute changes. The important thing is no longer what different positions exist, but what the needs of the parties are. It is easier to achieve this change of perspective in a relaxed atmosphere away from the normal workday.

My rooms in Cologne already take this ambience into account. They have a loggia and direct view of the Rhine.

Clarifying Conflicts in a relaxed atmosphere
View from the house in the Eifel

In addition, my clients have the opportunity to resolve their conflicts without additional costs in the private atmosphere of my house in the Eifel; gladly also on weekends.

Dr. Beate Berger - Cologne - Clarifying Conflicts Constructively I understand my work as a service especially for you; oriented to your individual needs. No distance is too far and nothing is too much for me to support you in resolving and clarifying any conflict or dispute. Therefore, I am of course happy to come to any location of your choice for discussions.


Invoicing is based on time spent. The hourly fee will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the mediation.